These most recent paintings and drawings by Woodstock, NY abstract expressionist painter, Calvin Grimm, reveal the evolution of his relationship with, and exploration into, the natural world. His passion to render this energy and imagery constitutes a dynamic focus of his earlier and recent work. His paintings stimulate an innate sense of the continuity within micro and macrocosms.  There is at once expansiveness and intimacy. Are we suspended in a sea of tiny phosphorescing jellies or are we viewing vast gaseous nebulae?  Whether apparent or subconscious, gestural symbols and archetypes are probable, as they move freely upon the canvas and within our psyches.
He reinterprets his life-long involvement with terrestrial and aquatic environments and joins them with newer observations, such as those revealed through the Hubble Space Telescope. 
His art demonstrates that environmentally inspired abstraction is inseparable from an instinctive and emotional response to our physical and psychological lives.  Courageous expression simultaneously grounds, caresses and hurtles Grimm through a universe, by definition, without limit or exception.
We hope you find these paintings and drawings both energizing and soothing, and encourage you to contact us for further information.
“My work is informed by a reverence for the natural: its ability to morph continuously, and by the veiled mysteries encompassing nature’s presence, of which I am part.  Each painting emerges renascent – initiated by an intuitive stroke, which inspires another, as might a jasmine plant each morning make it's choice of where a new tendril will reach – into what space will it flow to fulfill its dream?  What interaction will define its power and purpose”?   
Calvin Grimm



Painter and environmentalist, Grimm's organically grounded painting reveal a personal collaboration with the forces of nature.

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