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"Grimm does not render the flower; he renders the force that drives it...The beauty of nature is not so much to be found in the individual stone or tree or stream, but in the dynamic and unceasing exchange of energy between them." - Mikhail Horowiz. | Woodstock Times
Deep Ocean/ Deep Space Series - 2010-2014  

"(His extensive wilderness experience) provides him with voluptuous subject matter which he treats with a light, energetic touch."-Helen A. Harrison | New York Times                

Homage, Studies, & Drawings
"...A series of paintings by Calvin Grimm show nature in the act of dissolving into... white and colored layers of shimmering strokes of light."- Phyllis Braff | New York Times    
Painter and environmentalist, Grimm's organically grounded paintings reveal a personal collaboration with the forces of nature.

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